The Linux version of Google's Chrome browser has received a tuneup.

Updates fix a handful of bugs; they also bring in better support for custom fonts and improvements in GTK theme mode. The Linux and Mac versions of Chrome still trail the Windows version in terms of development, though it's interesting that some Chrome features are appearing in Linux before they show up in Mac.

Version 5.0.307.7 of Chrome for Linux addresses several bugs that were problematic in the previous version. One fix, for example, changes an out of memory (OOM) killer mechanism so that it terminates runaway tabs before it closes the browser when memory is low.

Chrome now accounts for 4.63 percent of the market, Net Applications found, whileMicrosoft's (Nasdaq: MSFT) Internet Explorer holds 62.69 percent, Mozilla Firefox claims 24.61 percent and Safari accounts for 4.46 percent.

Expect too see some movement and continued traction for Chrome.