Breast Cancer Vaccine successful in mice

Breast cancer vaccine - VIDEO

 Scientists at Ohio's Cleveland Clinic are touting a new prototype vaccine to prevent breast cancer as "promising." The vaccine contains a protein found in most breast cancers, but not found in healthy women, except during lactation, now we want to move forward in testing the vaccine in human patients.

Enrollment could begin next year according to the Cleveland Clinic.

The FDA has granted approval to two cancer-prevention vaccines: cervical and liver cancer. However, these vaccines target viruses, while the one tested by the Cleveland Clinic targets cancer formation. If any human testing proves successful, the strategy would be to vaccinate women 40 and over as well as younger women with a heightened risk of breast cancer. There is no funding for human trials at this point, but it has been applied for.

But Speculation is it will take at least 10 years to get the vaccine to normal, healthy women at risk of developing the cancer. It looks to me to be extremely promising