Howto Install Vmware Player 3 on Ubuntu 9.10

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Vmware player free virtualisation software from VMware.
Vmware player 3.0 no longer restricted to just powering on and running a pre-built virtual machine; it has the ability to create virtual machines like its big brother, Workstation.

While it may not pack the same punch as VMware Workstation, it has graduated to a new level of usefulness. In addition to being able to create new virtual machines, Player 3.0 also lets users edit the virtual machine settings, supports Microsoft Windows 7 as a guest and host platform, and provides a new virtual machine library interface.

Other new features found in VMware Player 3.0 include:

* Aero support for Windows 7 and Windows Vista guests
* OpenGL support for Windows guests
* Automatic download and installation of the latest VMware Tools package
* Multiple monitor support
* Print from your VM without installing printer drivers, thanks to a deal with ThinPrint
* ALSA Sound support on Linux hosts
* Added VIX API support so that developers write applications that can interact with their VMs

1. To Install Vmware player 3.0 download it from http://downloads.vmware.com/d/info/de...

2. Navigate to where the .bundle VMWare file is, then type this in:

musa@lanx1~$ sudo sh VMware-Player-3.0.0-203739.i386.bundle

And that's it! Enjoy your VMWare Player installation!

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