Ayrstone Productivity, LLC

Each AyrMesh Hub creates an Internet network up to a half-mile - throughout a very large house, out on the porch, through the yard, in and around outbuildings, and reaching nearby pasture and fields. Broadcasting the maximum wattage allowed by federal law, the AyrMesh Hub outblasts typical Wi-Fi access points with approximately 40 times the wireless power! Designed for the countryside, the weatherproof Ayrstone AyrMesh Hub mounts indoors or outdoors and provides years of trouble-free Wi-Fi service.


Looking for even more Wi-Fi coverage? AyrMesh is a meshing Wi-Fi system, so additional AyrMesh Hubs boost your Wi-Fi signal and connect both wired (Ethernet) devices and wireless components to your network. Start with one AyrMesh Hub connected to your Broadband Internet source. Then add more AyrMesh Hubs to push the signal further -- a half-mile each -- and provide Wi-Fi Internet access across your homestead, estate or farm. Just mount additional AyrMesh Hubs within the half-mile radius of each Hub closest to your Internet connection, daisy-chain fashion, and plug them into a power outlet. With Hub positioning and the benefit of meshing technology, your Wi-Fi Internet connection extends up to 2 miles.