Interactive Virtual Event | June 22 2010

Embedded Wireless Devices: An Interactive Executive Summit

Over the past year there’s been increasing focus on what many consider the next big growth area in wireless – non-traditional devices designed with built-in wireless connectivity. There are many conditions that have converged to make the time right for embedded devices – 3G networks are prolific, operators can deliver both voice and data over the same infrastructure, and wireless module prices have declined as volumes have grown.

While this new area is exciting because of its vast potential, there are still technical hurdles to overcome. Because these devices must connect to the mobile network, device makers (netbook OEMs, e-reader makers, digital camera manufacturers and navigation device OEMs, etc,) must decide which technology to embed (CDMA, GSM, WiFi or a combination) and carriers must be able to quickly test and provision these devices for their networks.

Embedded Wireless Devices is accessible anywhere there's a working Internet connection and phone line. You can access the event from your desk, home office, cubicle—it's up to you.  It Offers all of the benefits of a live event...without the hassle of having to travel. You don't even need to leave your office.