Come Juneteenth

        140TH - 15OTH

The year 2005 marked the 140th year anniversary of Juneteenth. All across the United States, and beyond, celebrations commemorated this historical event of 1865 in Galveston, Texas. There, on June 19th, when word of the emancipation proclamation finally reached the enslaved, a new and uncertain way of life began. Today, more than 142 years since, African Americans have elevated this celebration, publicly and privately to one of the most important of the year.
The 140th year anniversary celebrations across the U.S. marked a significant milestone in American history. Juneteenth serves symbolically, and in reality, as a reference point from which to measure and appreciate the progress and contributions made by African Americans to this society.
And, with even more excitement, anticipation and world wide participation, the 150th anniversary campaign is underway.
The campaign, centers around assessment, education, dialogue, acknowledgement and celebration of African American progress since 1865. We invite and encourage everyone to join with us in the planning, development and celebration of this historic campaign.
Beyond freedom for one's self, Juneteenth celebrates freedom for all, worldwide. Juneteenth promotes unity and builds self-esteem through reflection, education, and through acknowledgement of achievements. Today, people of all races, nationalities and ethnicities join together to support and participate in Juneteenth celebrations - a true testament to humanity.

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